A New Website...with an Old Name

I  had a great conversation with an old friend last night who was asking me questions about freelancing and website design. But he asked me a question that made me reevaluate my time.

You build websites, but you don’t have a website?

While I explained that I kept busy by word of mouth and maintaining long-term client relationships, inside my head I heard- “you idiot.” And I literally spent the next 7 hours building what I felt was a good representation of my web design abilities, reactivating my Facebook business page, and applying the techniques I give my clients to build their business to myself.

While I’ve been working with WordPress website design and graphic design work for small businesses and non-profit organizations for about 8 years now, I’ve never enjoyed the business push of it, and happily skipped along meeting new clients by chance. Well, that’s all fine and good when you don’t have two kids in college. So, today, I begin promoting my business, my abilities, my network of other fantastic freelancer friends, and hold myself accountable as I am my own client.

So, shameless plug- visit me on facebook (MonarchDigitalArts), and let me keep you up with my journey!

Pro Tip: Designers Can Work Anywhere

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